Tray Body Options

Custom features may include:

  • 3 inch or 4 inch headbow upgrade or even multiple headbows
  • Headboard style
  • Headboard mounted or sub floor mounted auxiliary fuel tanks to extend the range of your vehicle between fuel stops
  • Auxiliary battery setup to power fridges or lights ect.
  • Trundle trays to store tools or spare parts or you can even lock away your firearms legally
  • Under body toolboxes to store recovery equipment or more tools.
    • 4 Styles available
    • Standard 660mm
    • Deluxe 660mm & 900mm
    • Deluxe 660mm & 900mm tapered
    • Deluxe 660mm & 900mm semi-tapered
  • Lashing rings to tie down a load
  • Rear rack to carry ladders or lengths of materials
  • water tank, always handy to wash your hands
  • Tipper tray
  • Recessed rear panel to provide better access to the vehicles trailer hitch.
  • Reinforced sideboards- added strength for load binding over the sideboards or loads hanging over the top of them.
  • Lined sideboards prevent them filling up with dirt etc. and also reinforcement.
  • Spring loaded lashing rings- allow for easier load binding while still allowing sideboard functionality
  • Sub-floor air receivers and compressor setup- saves space on top of the tray and allows a better view from the back window.
  • High level led lights allows people to see the lights if the lower ones are obscured by equipment being towed
  • Overhead carry rack- for everything from ladders, conduits, planks etc.
  • Worklights
  • Removable folding oversize sign

Browse our range of custom tray body options below. If you’re after something more custom view rack styles or contact us to find out more.

Custom Tray Features

Choose from a range of tray body options or rack styles to make your next tray body work for you.

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